Urban forests

Urban streets are much enhanced by trees that provide shade, encourage biodiversity and improve the visual appeal. With the appropriate management they are an asset to residential areas, high streets and major transport routes. Urban designers and engineers are working to assess this vital asset and nurture a thriving future for trees of all shapes… Continue reading Urban forests

Too many A-boards?

Reduce street clutter Sometimes you can’t walk down a pavement easily because there are too many advertising signs known as A-boards. But do they need planning permission? Chris Mason, street design expert says Yes they do


Reduce street clutter   One way to help reduce street clutter is to put street lights onto buildings. This has to be done with the agreement of the building owner. In some places local conservation or civic societies have made the arrangements and brought together building owners and the local street lighting authority.      … Continue reading PUT STREET LIGHTS ON BUILDINGS


Convenient crossings The layout of pavements at affects how people are able to cross the road in comfort. The design of Street corners and safe crossings can help pedestrians   


Reduce street clutter Highway authorities can reduce street clutter by dispensing with unnecessary traffic signs. Although keep let signs are seen on many pedestrian refuges, included at controlled (pelican) crossings, there is no legal requirement for them to be installed in these locations. The removal of keep left signs is included on the traffic signs information sheet.


Every street must be safe Self explaining roads and crossings can be safer than some conventional pelican crossings. This is because drivers take more care and are more likely to be able to deal with unexpected events.


Reduce street clutter Pelican crossing, especially in rural locations can be simplified. Without compromising road safety, it is possible to reduce the clutter of duplicate traffic lights, railings and signs.   Courtesy crossings can be designed to complement any location. A variety of designs are shown on our information sheet Courtesy crossing places      


Railings can be dangerous etc

Reduce street clutter Very few railings are really necessary. Roads can be safer when railings are removed. This is because people prefer to walk in direct lines and may get trapped between them and traffic in the road.  Junction assessments by Transport for London have found that most railings in the capital can be removed… Continue reading REMOVE RAILINGS