Shared space at busy intersection, Poynton, Cheshire

Park Lane and Fountain Place jointly form the commercial and social centre of Poynton. As such they have a critical place function for the village, helping to define its identity and local distinctiveness, requiring a high quality environment that will encourage social interaction and economic vitality.

Vehicle flows10,500 per dayPark Lane
Scheme cost £3m

Design Strategy:
The design identified five locations for gateways to highlight the transition from highway, with its predominant movement function, to the village centre, where other activities and functions are equally important.
The design for Fountain Place replaced the existing traffic signal control and strongly defined arrangement of footways and carriageway with a design based on shared space principles, comprising two distinct but interconnected circular spaces. In view of the heavy traffic flows, paving materials and low kerbs were used to define the areas for traffic circulation as a guide for drivers and other users, but these physical clues are subtle and also emphasise the pedestrian desire lines through the space.

Village Shared Space – Poynton, Cheshire
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