Rave reviews for artists’ take on public realm

The Royal Academy Annual Summer Exhibition, London in 2016 features work by artist duo Dominic Mallin and Laura McEwen.

Their take on idiosyncratic buildings in the public realm lifts the ordinary to the rank of treasured.

Their collages measure a mere 300 x 300 mm. Yet by the clever use of multi-layers the graphics appear to stand out in glorious three dimensions.
Based in Kentish Town, north London the husband and wife team scour the streets of their locality and beyond for the quirky, forgotten or simply scenes about to be lost for ever.
Seen here are the Grand Pier, Weston Supermare and Pollock’s Toy Museum, Scala Street, London.
See more at http://www.wewonderdesign.co.uk and http://www.royalacademy.org.uk