Legal support for 20mph

Why is traffic calming so ugly?

It need not be. As well as slowing traffic, traffic calming can also improve the appearance and feel of a place and the wellbeing of local people. UK legislation and government advice advocate careful design using a wide range of options including trees, grass, hedges, planters wall and local art that can meld seamlessly into and enhance the local sense of place and also contribute to wellbeing.


Department for Transport, Circular 01/2013 Setting Local Speed Limits.

Paragraph 106. Traffic calming range from substantive engineering measures to lighter touch: humps, road narrowing, chicanes, pinch-points, overrun areas, gateways, road markings, rumble devices.

Paragraph 107. Traffic authorities will want to consider the full set of available measures.


Department for Transport, Traffic Calming Regulations 1999

Paragraph 2 Interpretation of traffic calming work: build-out, chicane, gateway, island, overrun area and rumble device.


Paragraph 7 (1). Traffic calming may include the provision on it or any part of it or on the adjacent highway of: lighting, paving, grass, bollards, planters, walls, rails, fences, objects or structures spanning the highway, trees, shrubs or other plants.

Paragraph 7(2). The purposes of (these above) are: making traffic calming more conspicuous and effective, promoting the safety of persons using the highway, or preserving or improving the environment through which the highway passes.