Health & wellbeing in 20mph

Help create your own 20mph zone. Be physically active, learn new skills and give pleasure to others: key steps to mental wellbeing

Creating your own 20mph zone improves health and wellbeing as well as a sense of place and road safety. Slower traffic speeds encourage people to walk and cycle more. In addition there are opportunities to help design a scheme, put it in place, and then care for and maintain it.

Two check lists help assess the potential of a scheme: Healthy Street Indicators and the Five Steps to Mental Wellbeing.

Healthy Street Indicators

Everyone feels welcome. It is easy to cross the road. There is shade and shelter. There are places to stop and rest. It is not too noisy. People choose to walk and cycle. People feel safe. People feel relaxed. There is clean air.

Five steps to mental wellbeing

Connect with other people. Be physically active. Learn new skills. Give to others. Mindfulness.

The first four steps certainly apply to anyone who is working with their friends and neighbours to help design, put in place and care for the landscape of a 20mph zone. There are opportunities to build your own planters.

Having noted the health and wellbeing potential at a specific location, bring it, together with the traffic and place checks, to see how, with well designed traffic calming and political leadership, to get the most rewards from your own 20mph zone.