Converting an informal into a courtesy crossing

This informal crossing is neither elegant or practical. The change in walking direction makes pedestrians less likely to follow the plan as they would rather walk in a straight line across both roads.
This temporary change has been made with moveable plant-tubs, both round and square. The carriageways have been narrowed to encourage slower, more careful driving. This encourages the drivers to be courteous to the pedestrians and let them cross. The crossing itself has been moved away from the roundabout so that cars have the appropriate space to stop and allow pedestrians to cross.
This is a far more permanent change. The carriage way has been narrowed by expanding the pavement, which will encourage footfall into the street. The crossing is now fully perpendicular to the carriageway, which is the shortest route. This combined with the added central refuge will make pedestrians feels safer crossing here rather than crossing elsewhere in this road. This is further encouraged by the raised centre.
Although there are zebra crossing markings, this is still a courtesy crossing as not everything is included. This will increase the driver’s courtesy to stop. However the stripes that look too similar to zebra stripes can make drivers and pedestrians confused and think incorrectly that pedestrians have a legal right to expect drivers to stop.