Legal support for 20mph

Frequently asked questions on the legal support for design and delivery of 20mph speed limits and zones Why is traffic calming so ugly? It need not be. As well as slowing traffic, traffic calming can also improve the appearance and feel of a place and the wellbeing of local people. UK legislation and government advice… Continue reading Legal support for 20mph

Drivers read the road

Drivers read the road and respond to the look and the feel of the place. If changing the traffic signs from 30mph to 20mph does not reduce speeds sufficiently, the police are likely to insist on self-enforcement in the form of traffic calming. . Traffic calming need not necessarily mean conventional road humps and pavement… Continue reading Drivers read the road

Sample surveys

Traffic and place – sample survey questions for Bletchingdon Road, Kirtlington, Oxfordshire

Political leadership

Tim Bearder, Cabinet Member for Highways, Oxfordshire County Council, October 2021

Studies & information

Ingredients of successful 20mph, political leadership, community involvement, case studies and background technical explanations. The essential ingredients of successful 20mph projects are enthusiastic Political Leadership, a sensitive application of the Legal Framework using Design for traffic calming recognising that drivers read the road and take care accordingly. Community groups can get involved at an early… Continue reading Studies & information

Haslemere town centre study

This study looks at the potential placemaking and traffic-related regeneration opportunities at the centre of Haslemere, Surrey. This was carried out during the pandemic lock-down by undergraduate student Robert Thomas.