Conflict points

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Road junctions

junctions are where accidents and congestion are most likely to occur. Even the design of a simple crossroads is quite complex. Vehicles enter from four directions and leave the junction at any of the other three directions, by turning left, right or going straight ahead. In doing so they slow to change direction, cross the… Continue reading Road junctions

What a driver actually sees

Over hundreds of thousands of years, humans have evolved to move at 20mph for umting. Our focus is very narrow covering only 2 degrees of out view. We are aware of up to 180 degrees outside of out focus. This is so humans can both focus on the hunt and whether they are being hunted.… Continue reading What a driver actually sees

Road safety and speed

The number of road accidents that lead to death or serious injury is surprisingly high, often due to driver error, at some 24,000 a year. There will be less in 2020 due to reduced traffic flows but they are likely to return to pre-pandemic levels as the economy recovers. It is easy to check road… Continue reading Road safety and speed

Flows and capacity

The flow of traffic can be understood as being similar to water running down a pipe. The greater the flow, the larger the pipe needs to be. This is a relatively straightforward concept that suggests the pipe (road) should be big (wide) enough to carry the maximum flow ever likely to occur. However traffic flows… Continue reading Flows and capacity