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Streets can be totally refurbished, with new paving and street furniture. Or they can simply made more welcoming by reducing street clutter and creating better places for people to walk or linger. In either case business is helped. .


Walking is the most straightforward activity to promote health, both physical and mental wellbeing. Walking 10,000 steps a day, which equivalent to about five miles, can give us a healthy heart and reduce body fat. Most people manage 4,500 steps. Streets that are interesting and have plenty of things to […]

People and activities

In theory places should attract people to participate in activities, of which the basics would be walking for health and enjoyment and sitting to relax or talk to friends. But there are far more activities to consider such as jogging, cycling, looking at street markets as well as eating and […]

Reduce street clutter

This unkempt street suffers from poor maintenance, lack of co-ordination and care. The graffiti, fly-posters, overflowing bins and general street clutter do not foster wellbeing, either human or economic. They reduce the enjoyment of the street as a place. Streets need to be cared for. Existing management and maintenance systems should […]

How good is your street

Everywhere has something to commend it. Before starting a placemaking project it may be helpful to carry out an audit or check list of what is good, bad or could be improved. Positive aspects would be the things or activities that are pleasantly memorable. Negatives are usually things that can […]