Courtesy Crossings

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Convert an informal crossing into a courtesy crossing

Most informal crossings are neither elegant or practical for pedestrians. Their primary purpose is to help drivers negotiate the junction. Pedestrians do use them to cross the road but are expected to wait for a gap in the traffic before they attempt to cross. Drivers very seldom stop even when […]

Where are courtesy crossings applicable?

There are restrictions on the design, number and the possible locations of controlled crossings such as zebra and signalled crossings. Courtesy crossings can be positioned to allow people to cross the road at places that are most convenient for them such as on a direct desire line of pedestrian flow. […]

What are courtesy crossings?

Courtesy crossings are a relatively new concept, though legally they are similar to conventional informal crossings such as centre-of-the road pedestrian refuges. The difference is that they are designed to encourage drivers to willingly stop for pedestrians. Other frequently asked questions are: Definitions What is the difference between an informal […]