Traffic calming regulations

The Highways (Traffic Calming) Regulations 1999

The traffic calming regulations state the legal definitions, what can be used to form traffic calming measures and where they may be placed on the highway.

At only three pages long, the regulations are accurate and specific.

At section 7(1) all the features that may be used sepeately or in combination are stated:

Section 7 (1)

Features which may be included in traffic calming works

A traffic calming work may include for a purpose referred to in sub-paragraph (2) below provision on it or any part of it or on the adjacent highway of –

(a) lighting,

(b) paving, grass or other covering,

(c) pillars, bollards, planters, walls, rails or fences,

(d) objects or structures spanning the highway, or

(e) trees, shrubs or other plants.

This clearly shows that landscape rather than additional signs and ugly fences and bollards may be used. Thus a sense of place and placemaking can be enhanced by sensitively designed traffic calming.