This website is intended for people interested in the interdisciplinary relationship of planning, urban design and engineering, traffic and transportation, trees and landscape, utilities and drainage, architecture and conservation, economic and social wellbeing and more..

The public realm is a term used to describe public places. They could be public squares or similar outdoor spaces possibly linked to buildings. Sometimes their design and management is coordinated into a place-making approach that incorporates wider aspects of people’s health, happiness and wellbeing.

In practice many placemaking projects involve public spaces that are related to roads and traffic and so the legal and practical aspects of public highways and road safety need to be incorporated.

There is a wealth of recently completed public realm projects that demonstrate what can be done to enrich the lives of people.

How to design and deliver great streets

STREETSCAPES by Colin J Davis is now available, published by CJDA Ltd for PRIAN

For a practitioner’s copy of the book as well as recent updates go to

Click here to see a video that explains how the shared space scheme at Poynton functions. It is one of the book’s case studies.