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This website is about the design and delivery of the public realm. We are interested in the public spaces in town and country, including streets and roads. They are where people live, work, interact and enjoy. For example 20miles per hour zones can dramatically improve the sense of place and wellbeing as well as road safety. 20mph zones can enhance the public realm.

There are many rewards for a community when traffic speed is reduced to 20mph. Road safety, quality of the place and health and wellbeing can all be improved. The road safety aspects are fully supported by Rospa the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and the charity 20splenty. Quality of place is central to the government’s drive for better places for people to live and work. All of Historic England‘s work fully supports the concept. The National Health Service’s key concern is that people should live healthy lives. An effective way to maintain most physical and mental health is by volunteering with for example with a wildlife trust.

But some traffic authorities are concerned about the seemingly insurmountable technical and legal hurdles. On these pages we hope to show that the technical and legal requirements are straightforward. With political leadership and simplified processes, road safety improvements of 20mph can quickly be gained. And when local people are more fully involved in the design of traffic calming, costs can be reduced, the quality of place improved, and healthier lifestyles and wellbeing enhanced. 20mph zones can therefore enhance the quality of the total public realm. See our case studies and technical backup.